Counted Cross Stitch Pattern, Isabella Uffindell 1829, Ann Tong Uffindell 1835, Antique Reproductions, Hands Across the Sea, PATTERN ONLY


This is for the PATTERN ONLY. You CHOOSE Isabella Uffindell 1829 or Ann Tong Uffindell 1835 from the drop down box.

Counted Cross Stitch pattern, Isabella Uffindelll 1829 or Ann Tong Uffindell 1835. Ann Tong Uffindell 1835 was originally published by Hands Across the Sea Samplers in a special limited-edition booklet as a duet with her sister Isabell Uffindell 1829. Ann and Isabella were our gift to our stitching sisters in 2017, and as they each make their solo appearance at the end of 2019, they are once again our gift to a new audience of sampler lovers. They come from our hearts to your hands.

When we reproduce samplers, we not only follow the path that the little girls’ needles and floss originally took but as we research the girls, we also follow a meandering thread back through time casting a light onto their lives.

Ann and Isabella are two very special samplers. They are special not only as they are very, very beautiful samplers but also because they were stitched by two sisters. Both the sisters were 10 years of age when they stitched their samplers, Isabella in 1829 and Ann 6 years later in 1835. As a collector sister samplers particularly fascinate me. I find it so remarkable that two samplers remain together through the centuries.

Thread Legend - Isabella
Isabella’s sampler has been reproduced with Au Ver à Soie d’Alger silks and the skein quantities calculated based on 1 strand on 36ct fabric. We have provided a DMC conversion based on 2 strands on 36ct fabric. The model was stitched on 40ct Lakeside Linen Pecan Butter.

Soie d’Alger / 100.3 / DMC

F11 x 1 / 211 x 1 / 3033 x 1 ~ Mocha brown – very light

1735 x 1 / 486 x 1 / 3768 x 1 ~ Grey green – dark

1746 x 1 / 710 x 1 / 924 x 1 ~ Grey green – very dark

1814 x 1 / 621 x 1 / 927 x 1 ~ Grey green – light

2144 x 1 / 325 x 1 / 581 x 1 ~ Moss green

2145 x 2 / 152 x 2 / 580 x 2 ~ Moss green – dark

2213 x 1 / 022 x 1 / 731 x 1 ~ Olive green – dark

2242 x 2 / 148 x 2 / 3046 x 2 ~ Yellow beige – medium

2245 x 1 / 542 x 1 / 782 x 1 ~ Topaz – dark

2246 x 1 / 543 x 1 / 780 x 1 ~ Topaz – ul/very dark

S2578 x 1 / 218 x 1 / 407 x 1 ~ Desert sand – dark

2643 x 1 / 655 x 1 / 351 x 1 ~ Coral

2644 x 1 / 644 x 1 / 347 x 1 ~ Salmon – very dark

2916 x 1 / 523 x 1 / 3831 x 1 ~ Raspberry – dark

2925 x 1 / 499 x 1 / 304 x 1 # Christmas red

3342 x 1 / 401 x 1 / 644 x 1 ~ Beige grey – medium

3344 x 1 / 183 x 1 / 3790 x 1 ~ Beige grey – ultra dark

3416 x 1 / 696 x 1 / 3371 x 1 ~ Black brown

3426 x 2 / 550 x 2 / 500 x 2 ~ Blue green – very dark

3723 x 1 / 565 x 1 / 3364 x 1 ~ Pine green

3724 x 2 / 707 x 2 / 3363 x 2 ~ Pine green – medium

3725 x 1 / 705 x 1 / 3362 x 1 ~ Pine green – dark

3732 x 1 / 658 x 1 / 3013 x 1 ~ Khaki green – light

3736 x 1 / 531 x 1 / 3011 x 1 ~ Khaki green – dark

3741 x 2 / 425 x 2 / 422 x 2 ~ Hazel nut brown – light

3745 x 1 / 455 x 1 / 829 x 1 ~ Golden olive – very dark

3815 x 1 / 303 x 1 / 832 x 1 ~ Golden olive

3835 x 1 / 576 x 1 / 640 x 1 ~ Beige grey – very dark

4114 x 1 / 517 x 1 / 3772 x 1 ~ Desert sand – very dark

4115 x 1 / 318 x 1 / 632 x 1 ~ Desert sand – ul/very dark

4524 x 1 / 634 x 1 / 3828 x 1 ~ Hazel nut brown

5024 x 1 / 025 x 1 / 501 x 1 ~ Blue green – dark


The design area is 332 stitches (w) x 481 stitches (h). Our calculations have included a 3” margin for finishing and framing.

28ct – Design: 23.71″ x 34.36″ Fabric: 29.71″ x 40.36″

32ct – Design: 20.75″ x 30.06″ Fabric: 26.75″ x 36.06″

36ct – Design: 18.44″ x 26.72″ Fabric: 24.44″ x 32.72″

40ct – Design: 16.6″ x 24.05″ Fabric: 22.6″ x 30.05″

Thread Legend - Ann
Ann’s sampler has been reproduced with Au Ver à Soie d’Alger silks and the skein quantities calculated based on 1 strand on 36ct fabric. We have provided a DMC conversion based on 2 strands on 36ct fabric. The model was stitched on 40ct Lakeside Linen Pecan Butter. The sampler has been reproduced using the colours on the front of the original sampler.

Soie d’Alger / Soie 100.3 / DMC

F5 x 2 / 080 x 2 / 739 x 2 ~ Tan – ultra very light

F9 x 1 /425 x 1 / 422 x 1 ~ Hazel nut brown – light

946 x 1 / 499 x 1 / 815 x 1 ~ Garnet – medium

1726 x 1 / 703 x 1 / 924 x 1 ~ Grey green – very dark

1741 x 1 / 071 x 1 / 928 x 1 ~ Grey green – very light

1743 x 1 / 486 x 1 / 3768 x 1 ~ Grey green – dark

1845 x 2 / 654 x 2 / 3362 x 2 ~ Pine green – dark

1846 x 2 / 210 x 2 / 500 x 2 ~ Blue green – very dark

2543 x 1 / 148 x 1 / 676 x 1 ~ Old gold – light

2646 x 1 / 2646 x 1 / 814 x 1 ~ Garnet – dark

2915 x 1 / 494 x 1 / 3712 x 1 ~ Salmon – medium

2916 x 2 / 523 x 2 / 3831 x 2 ~ Raspberry

3715 x 2 / 565 x 2 / 3051 x 2 ~ Green grey – dark

3745 x 2 / 455 x 2 / 829 x 2 ~ Golden olive – very dark

3832 x 1 / 328 x 1 / 3013 x 1 ~ Khaki green – light

3833 x 1 / 562 x 1 / 371 x 1 ~ Mustard

3834 x 1 / 603 x 1 / 642 x 1 ~ Beige grey – dark

3835 x 1 / 576 x 1 / 640 x 1 ~ Beige grey – very dark

3845 x 1 / 011 x 1 / 645 x 1 ~ Beaver grey – very dark

4244 x 1 / 156 x 1 / 832 x 1 ~ Golden olive

4245 x 1 / 492 x 1 / 420 x 1 ~ Hazel nut brown – dark

4246 x 1 / 048 x 1 / 869 x 1 ~ Hazel nut brown – very dark

4534 x 1 / 572 x 1 / 611 x 1 ~ Drab brown

4535 x 1 / 207 x 1 / 610 x 1 ~ Drab brown – dark

4541 x 1 / 217 x 1 / 950 x 1 ~ Desert sand – light

5384 x 1 / 072 x 1 / 926 x 1 ~ Grey green – medium


The design area is 320 stitches (w) x 378 stitches (h). Our calculations have included a 3” margin for finishing and framing.

28ct – Design: 22.86″ x 27.00″ Fabric: 28.86″ x 33.00″

32ct – Design: 20.00″ x 23.63″ Fabric: 26.00″ x 29.63″

36ct – Design: 17.78″ x 21.00″ Fabric: 23.78″ x 27.00″

40ct – Design: 16.00″ x 18.90″ Fabric: 22.00″ x 24.90″

PLEASE NOTE: Patterns are NOT returnable to protect the copyright of the designer.

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